My Week in Photos No. 1

I was recently inspired to pay more attention to my blog! So I have decided to start a weekly post called “ My Week in Photos” where I share pictures images from the last week of Craftbelly and chat a bit about what's going on in the biz!

I've been doing some fun collaborating lately with Go Play Denver! In celebration of Valentines' Day, they put together a fun scavenger hunt around town to inspire some fun experiences with the loved ones in your life. Every day this week, they would post clues on social media to help you find special prizes. I donated the set of frames above to go with a pair of tickets to Denver Botanic Gardens

I was included in this lovely round up of local gifts put together by local blog Emma & JW's Best Day Ever! It's always fun to be put alongside goods from other companies that I am fans and customers of. Like, HELLO, Hellie Mae's caramels are insanely good. 

This is just me putting my feet up. Sometimes you spend a whole day struggling to complete a project, only to find that you sent the wrong file to the printer. It wasn't the end of the world, it still worked out in the end because the client is awesome and patient, but it was one of those moments that I just wanted to slap myself in the face! That's the thing about a one woman show... there's only one person to blame. But instead of feeling super crappy about it, I decided to figure out the next best solution and then move past it. And also maybe learn to name my files better. :)

When my good pal Kiwi of Craft Boner was last in my studio, she was like, "GURRRRL, you are not utilizing your space well AT ALL." She was right, and I knew it. When I moved into this larger studio in the same building I've rented space at since I've lived in Denver, I didn't really set up with a solid strategy. So it was very easy for me to create giant messes and not clean them up, because really I never found a good way to organize. Whenever I am in Kiwi's studio space, I am in awe at how adorable and organized it is. When she said she would LOVE to help me give my space a makeover, I jumped at the chance. On Thursday of this past week, we totally changed it up and I got rid of a ton of stuff. I can't wait to show the after pictures but I still have some homework to do. She went all Gordon Ramsey on my ass and I loved it! 

Last but certainly not least.... I am officially a DENY Designs artist! I have been a big fan of DENY pretty much since I moved to Denver a year and a half ago. I have bought several items from them, both online and at their amazing sample sales they have done at local craft fairs. They have thrown some fun events featuring local artists and I loved that they were not only located in Denver but all their products were made here as well! I finally got to meet them when I was invited to do a little holiday open house pop up at their offices/showroom. I knew the second I walked in there that I wanted to be on the site and I'm so glad the feeling was mutual. It is such a fun way for me to explore new color combos since everything is printed digitally. I can't wait to buy my first Craftbelly shower curtain, mug or floor pillow!