Autumnal Paper Love

I can spend hours pouring through my favorite websites that sell paper, probably similar to how people  can waste countless hours on Facebook. Sometimes I literally just go through page by page and gawk at the gorgeous patterns and colors, without really creating any sort of database of favorites. My absolute favorite place to buy paper online is this incredible site called Paper Mojo, run by three women out of Raleigh, North Carolina. It's my go to resource for when I'm starting a custom frame project. I thought it would make sense to start some reference for myself where I could keep track of papers that I liked and figured my blog was a great place to start. This first group is inspired by our current season of Fall. It has been an absolutely gorgeous transition here in Denver, with nature just putting on a show every where I look. The leaves in particular are just stunning. Below is a little group of papers that I think would be great for any sort of Fall projects, whether it be for a wedding invitations, accents for decor at a party, or seasonal decor around your house.

Craftbelly Kickstarter Campaign goes live tonight!


The most exciting Craftbelly adventure I've ever been on is embarking tonight! I'm launching a Kickstarter campaign to raise enough money, $5000 to be exact, to print a brand new line of original screen printed decorative paper, designed by me. This is something I've dreamt about for the last couple years, and thanks to the encouragement and support of some awesome friends, it's finally happening.

I chose to use Kickstarter as a platform because I absolutely love the idea of getting a whole community involved from the very beginning. It's a great way to find out if the support and interest for what I'm doing is out there and to get immediate feedback from current and future customers. Printing a large amount of paper in a variety of colors and patterns will help me launch this new chapter of my business in a big way. Not only will I be able to create a new line of frames using the new paper, but I will also introduce brand new products such as stationery sets, journals and the paper itself!

I can't wait to document the entire process, which I will do right here on my website, through videos, photos and more.  I look forward to sharing this journey with my friends, family, current and future fans, and the amazing independent crafting and design world here in Chicago. Without any of you, this would not be possible. So thank you!

Click here to see the project!