5 Spring Decorative Papers I Love

Even though I've been designing my own patterns for the last couple years, I still have such an obsession with color, pattern and paper that I totally nerd out over new papers at my favorite paper store, Paper Mojo. I still do plenty of custom orders where I mostly use papers from their site, since there are so many beautiful options. Here are a 5 papers that I think are perfect for Spring projects. 


Autumnal Paper Love

I can spend hours pouring through my favorite websites that sell paper, probably similar to how people  can waste countless hours on Facebook. Sometimes I literally just go through page by page and gawk at the gorgeous patterns and colors, without really creating any sort of database of favorites. My absolute favorite place to buy paper online is this incredible site called Paper Mojo, run by three women out of Raleigh, North Carolina. It's my go to resource for when I'm starting a custom frame project. I thought it would make sense to start some reference for myself where I could keep track of papers that I liked and figured my blog was a great place to start. This first group is inspired by our current season of Fall. It has been an absolutely gorgeous transition here in Denver, with nature just putting on a show every where I look. The leaves in particular are just stunning. Below is a little group of papers that I think would be great for any sort of Fall projects, whether it be for a wedding invitations, accents for decor at a party, or seasonal decor around your house.