Purchasing a custom frame is a fun and easy process! If you have a specific print that you would like to have framed, you can send me an image of it and I will use that to mock up several different ideas for you. There are hundreds of different papers out in the world and based on any style/color specifications you give me, I will search for the perfect one for your frame. I'll send you 5-7 mock ups and you can choose your favorite! Because certain papers can take longer to get in, custom frame orders can take up to a month, but most orders will ship in 2 weeks. 

Are you looking for a custom size but are interested in our original patterns seen in the online shop? Please inquire below for pricing!


Custom frames start with the base pricing of our standard frames in our shop.* 

For a custom paper, add $15 to the base price of any standard frame.

For personalization to any of our standard styles seen in the online shop, add $15.

For personalization added to a custom frame, add $25 to the base price of any standard frame.

For frames bigger than 8x10, please inquire below for pricing!

*Currently in our online shop, only 2" wide frames are available. For custom ordering, a 3" size is available as well and would add $6 to the total price. 

Please fill out the custom form below if you are interested in learning more about custom projects!  

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