Mini Journal Set #6

Mini Journal Set #6


Maybe you just heard a song on the radio that you want to remember for later. Or you just woke up from a crazy dream and you want to write it down before you forget so you can tell your dream whisperer.  

I figure if you’re going to carry a notebook with you everywhere it might as well fit in your pocket or bag and be darn cute. Cute and colorful, these jotters are sure to inspire you to sketch and doodle everyday or brighten up the mundane task of a to-do list.

This set includes one each of: Dumpling pattern in sky/cream, Astral pattern in blush/oatmeal, Hexagon pattern in perwinkle/cream.


  • Set of three mini journals (3.5" x 5")
  • Digitally printed heavyweight covers
  • 24 blank text-weight pages
  • Staple bound
  • Packaged with a kraft paper wrap

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