Hello there! My name is Lizzie Greco and I am the lady behind the 'belly. Craftbelly is more than just a business, it’s my creative journey.

It all began in 2011 as an outlet for me to work with my hands using my favorite material, handmade decorative paper, while working in various stationery shops around Chicago. I was completely drawn to the inspiring effect that the seemingly simple craft of wrapping unfinished wood frames with bold patterned paper could have on photos and artwork. I was lucky enough to be surrounded by other artists and designers who were making a go of it selling their creations and running their own businesses. These talented folks proved to be quite the inspiration for me and helped me realize that I wanted to do the same and that it was possible. 

After several years of honing my skills while selling my frames online and in craft shows as a part time gig, I decided to transform the business into what I always dreamed it would become, which was a line of completely original goods featuring patterns that I had designed myself. This next step came naturally as it satisfied both the designer and the craftswoman in me. After a successful Kickstarter campaign and a move to Denver, I was ready to share my love of patterns with the world.

For the next four years I designed bold and colorful geometric patterns and created products that featured them such as picture frames, mirrors, stationery, journals, mugs, notepads, calenders, etc. I made a lot of them by hand and had others manufactured. I sold my goods online, at local markets and to shops around the country. Then came the burn out. I realized that while I enjoyed coming up with product ideas, the thing that I was truly passionate about was creating the patterns themselves, not exactly all of the other stuff. There is so much work involved in the ideation and production of products, not to mention the packaging, marketing and selling of them! I was ready to simplify everything.

This was when I realized I could focus on creating the art and partner with amazing companies that could handle the rest. I decided to shift everything and focus on being a surface pattern designer. I still want to create beautiful patterns that make people smile. I will still make a few special products because at heart, I am a maker. I am inspired by the incredible landscape that surrounds me in Colorado, along with the countless artists in this world that are following their dreams. That is where my journey has taken me so far. Stay tuned for the rest. ;)