Halftime Party a Success!

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To say I had a blast this past Friday at the party we threw at Inkling would be an understatement. So many great friends and family came out and I got to meet and talk to lots of new people about the project. The amazing folks at DryHop Brewers, located just down the street, sponsored our event and just kicked butt, making sure everyone had a beer. 2/4 of Team Greco (my sisters) brought lots of delicious homemade cookies. 

Of course I was not prepared and took very few photos but my friend Catherine Lynch (who shot the Kickstarter video!) was taking all kinds of great shots and I'll be sure to post some of them soon!

Thank you to everyone who came out and all the support thus far! It's overwhelming and amazing. P.S. As I write this blog post, we have currently raised $4375 with 13 days to go! 



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