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Whooooo!!!! We did it! My Kickstarter project will be funded on April 1st. The goal of $5000 was reached in 19 days and I'm filled with so much gratitude for everyone's support! We have a little over a week left and I hope we continue to receive pledges, as I would love to get as many of my new goods out into the world as possible. 

Several people have asked me, "what happens now?" Well, my project will be completed on April 1st so I have the next 8 days to continue to collect pledges. Whatever total dollar amount I raise, I will get to keep at this point since I reached my goal of $5000. Every little bit still helps because I'm finding through my Kickstarter research that there will always be more expenses throughout the completion of the project and rewards than initially anticipated. I still have to pay Kickstarter a fee of 5% of my total funds raised and a processing fee to Amazon for 3-5% of my total funds raised, which I worked into my initial funding goal.

Everyone who pledged will have their credit or debit cards charged on April 1st. Once the project is completed, there is a two week processing period before I receive the funds. Basically April will be focused on getting the paper printed. May will be the busiest month with fulfilling rewards but I am so excited to get started and see all the new styles become frames and notecards! 



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