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WOW. So much has happened since my last blog post. I moved out of Chicago, the city where I've lived the past five years. The city where I once stumbled into a stationery shop and found myself a job that basically changed my life.  The city where I got to live with my best friends in an amazing house that we called The Manor. The city where I got to live within a mile of two of my sisters. The city where I started my business. The city where I met my creative soul mates. The city that supported my Kickstarter. The city where I found myself.


I have so much love and respect for this place and all my people here and that is why it was so hard for me to leave it. I always knew in the back of my heart that Chicago wasn't where I wanted to stay. Deciding that it was time to go and telling everyone was almost harder than the actual going. But I think I had finally grown up and truly realized and trusted the fact that all the people that I love in Chicago will always be a part of my life, will always love and support me, and I can continue to love and support them.

I've had a love affair with Denver and it's mountainous backdrop ever since I did a short internship out here seven years ago. Every time I came back to visit, I felt more and more drawn to this place. This quote that I found once pretty much sums it up:

"There are certain landscapes and places that call to us again and again. There isn't always a reason, rationalization or rhythm to this - it's just the way of things. Some of us may prefer the ocean and its tides, some the desert, barren and serene, some of us the eastern forests of green, and some, the mountains, grand, wild and sweeping. When you think of the land you inhibit, is it the one that calls you home? Is it the one that comforts your body and being down to the bones? When you close your eyes, what scenery do you most long for? Remember that we're able to drive great strength and energy from our surroundings when they're right for us."



I knew it was going to be a big change but I was so ready for a change. I packed up my life in Chicago (with the help of many amazing friends) and headed to St. Louis, for a one month layover while I searched for a place in Denver. This was also a greatly needed time of no distractions while I finished fulfilling all the Kickstarter rewards, which honestly, kicked my ass. But it felt so good to get that done.


Well, I blinked and then the month of June was over and I was off to Denver. I can't believe I've already been here for three months. At the age of 29 I'm living by myself for the first time and adjusting to/loving it. It helps to have the furry, snuggly guy around. I have a REAL studio for the very first time that isn't my bedroom/the kitchen counter/the basement/a room attached to my bedroom and it's amazing. The artist community here in Denver has been nothing short of awesome. I've met several other small business owners, including both vendors and shop owners, who have been extremely welcoming and supportive of me! This is going to be the lamest metaphor ever but you know you are trying on jeans and sometimes you just pull them up and they just fit perfectly? Well that's how Denver feels so far. It really fits me. I've been talking about moving here really for the last seven years. It's an incredible feeling to go out on a limb and take a huge risk, basically only trusting your heart and hoping you didn't make a big mistake, and actually feeling right at home. 

Here's to the many adventures ahead here in Denver, Colorado!


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