My Favorite Prints Part 1

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I have a slight obsession with typography prints. Take one quick look around my studio and you won't find a chunk of wall that isn't filled to the max with phrases, quotes, sayings...whatever you want to call them. If it was designed, typeset, illustrated, printed by hand or hand lettered, I want it on my wall and I want it now. Also, I happen to have a bunch of frames lying around at all times (imagine that!) so framing is never a problem! 

Being in the community and industry that I am, I am lucky enough to be friends with many of the talented folks who make these and I do my best to pimp them out when I can. For example, check out this page to see a list of the artists whose work I featured in my frames for all the imagery seen on the site. 

Since I couldn't feature every single artist that I wanted to in the product photography, I thought it would be fun to share an ongoing post theme of my favorite prints! Maybe I'll do it once a week! (Maybe I'll do it once and never again. Shit, I hope not!) Either way, I am going to try and share with you guys some amazing artists and designers who are making awesome prints that just happen to look awesome in my frames, in case you were ever wondering what you could put in a Craftbelly frame. 


1. Be Brave and Courageous Print by 1canoe2

2. There Are No Awesome Adventures Planned by Starshaped Press

3. Anything Less Than the Best is a Felony by Orange Beautiful

4. Things Get Wild Here After Dark by Runaway Press


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