Lizzie in her studio

Craftbelly Pattern Co. is a stationery company born out of one creative woman’s love for color and pattern and her desire to share that with the world--or at the very least her fellow paper nerds. 

Owner and designer Lizzie Greco has always been inspired by bold color combinations and geometric patterns. She believes that when you pair these things with both the grand and everyday moments in your life, it can really brighten your day. Whether it’s journaling about your biggest dreams, sending snail mail to your long distance pals, or jotting down that grocery list that will help you get from one week to the next, Craftbelly paper goods are here to bring you joy and inspiration. 

Since 2014, Lizzie has been designing pattern collections for a range of products, such as picture frames, notecards, journals, wrapping paper, fabric, home goods and more. She started out making all of her products by hand and over the years has shifted to finding awesome vendors to bring her designs to life, with a focus on keeping manufacturing in the US and in Denver if possible. She’s inspired by the beautiful handmade papers created in places like Japan and Nepal, as well as the mountain landscape she finds in her own backyard here in Colorado.