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Desk Calendar Bonus

Desk Calendar Bonus

Still searching for a 2021 calendar? You’re in luck! During this sale, desk calendars are 25% off and each one purchased will include it’s own little mystery pack, for free!

The image is just an example of the products included. You’ll receive random patterns and each mystery pack will be different.

The desk calendar bonus mystery pack includes one each of the following items:

  • 2021 Desk Calendar with easel

  • Journal (5.25 x 8” with 24 blank pages)

  • Mini Journal (3.5 x 5” with 24 blank pages)

  • Blank Folded Card + Envelope (4.25 x 5.5”)

  • Mini Blank Folded Card + Envelope (3.5 x 5”)

Total Retail Value: $44


Only left in stock